On The Line
May 19, 2016
Growing Things Change and Changing Things Grow
May 19, 2016

It Makes a Difference

Transparency is very important here at the Bistro. Our open kitchen concept allows you to see how we prepare our delicious food every day – most of which is made from scratch.
Cooking from scratch is important. Old world traditional cooking techniques bring out deep layered flavor in food. When you order our stuffed chicken, it’s a hand cut breast, fresh bread, fresh veggies and herbs – it produces an aromatic, delicious and complex taste. Preprocessed stuffed chicken just tastes different, and just won’t cut it here.
Using REAL raw ingredients and whole foods, we control what goes into the final product. It also gives us the ability to choose what type of fats we use, and the amount that goes into the food. We know our ingredients, so when you have special dietary needs (like gluten-free), we’re sure what you receive is exactly what you want… and none of what you don’t want!
Long story short, cooking from scratch makes for a significantly healthier and more delicious experience – and it’s the only way we know how to do it!