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June 13, 2016
This Year, the Bistro Turns 10
May 3, 2017

My Trip to Vegetarian Summerfest

This is so appropriate that my first Bistro Story is about healthy living – my trip to Johnstown, PA, where the Vegetarian Summerfest is held. It all started with Nick, my very first vegan customer 9 years ago when we opened the Bistro.

Over these past 9 years, Nick has invited me on this expedition countless times. This year, without hesitation (really!), I finally said yes.

I wasn’t sure what to expect… after all, hadn’t Nick been the catalyst for serving vegan entrees @ the Bistro?

Every day I studied; I bought book after book, Pinterest was on every screen… all in the pursuit of creating a welcome from Nick, as well as every vegan that comes into the Bistro. I had never connected what I believed as healthy with vegetarian preparations, eating a plant based diet.

Now fast forward 9 years. My display case offers vegetarian salads and entrees that carry the name ‘vegan’, Nick’s original Bistro bag he faithfully carries every time he enters to load it with black bean & corn salad or black eye pea salad has given way to more. It’s a new day, and I sit in the auditorium @ Vegetarian Summerfest listening to a captivating presentation about the deeper reflections of eating animals. I sit here as a chef – one that struggles with weight, one that’s cooked all types of meats, and I am listening… this has my attention.