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March 23, 2016
The Bistro Journey: So It Begins
March 23, 2016

Sweet Corn with Less Mess!

Ah, Summertime! The days are long, the weather is warm, and so many delicious fruits and veggies are at their peak right now. It’s the perfect time of year for lazy evening barbecues with family and friends, and it’s the perfect season for delicious sweet corn. Yum!

Sweet corn… it’s a double edged sword. So incredibly yummy, yet so incredibly annoying to peel! Little corn silk pieces everywhere, yanking on peels, not much fun.

Here’s a nifty little trick. Feel around at the bottom of the corn for where the stalk starts and the corn ends, and then cut it. Then turn the stalk around and feel for the tip of the corn and cut off the top (with all the silk sticking out). Then slice through the husk the long way. Don’t worry about cutting the corn itself – it won’t hurt it. Turn it over and do the same thing on the opposite side of the cob. Then just peel the husk off! Run the corn under cold water against the way the silk grows to remove most of the remnants. Voila!

For step by step images and instructions, take a look at this blog post we found.

Wanna make it even faster? Try this! Microwave each ear of corn in the husks for four minutes. Make sure you have oven mitts… they’ll be hot! Take the ears out of the microwave and cut off the bottom part (with the stem. Hold the corn by the top (where the cornsilk sticks out) and literally shake it out of the bottom. It comes out clean! Here’s a demonstration video I found online. Amazing!

Spend more time enjoying your guests and less time in the kitchen. Enjoy!