Growing Things Change and Changing Things Grow
May 19, 2016
Combat Vacancy on the Northside
May 19, 2016

The Thanksgiving Letter

Dear Bistro Family,
It’s time again to pass the turkey, mashed potatoes and the stuffing… Is this holiday just like all the ones before? Slipping quickly upon you without any warning? Before you knew it, the air had a chill, the coats came out and pumpkins appeared nearly everywhere! Maybe you are an old pro at this Thanksgiving thing. The day is planned, the dinner location is picked… deciding if you can endure another year of Aunt Ruth’s dry turkey or if your families’ cries to stay at home for mom’s best mac and cheese win out. Then it’s off to the frenzied start of the Black Friday shopping blitz.
Of course, traditions are what make a holiday… well just that. A holiday. But what if this year was different? What if this year it just wasn’t about the savory maple glazed turkey? What truly IS Thanksgiving? Yeah I know… pilgrims, winters long ago and something about native American Indians sharing their gifts. We all heard the story early in life. Well, what really is this THANKSGIVING thing supposed to mean today? Is it about the food? The football? The shopping? We have all been so busy just doing life today – it’s so easy for this holiday to come and go without considering… maybe its about more.

This year ask the question. Before taking the first bite of turkey – before turning on the TV. Ask the question. What does Thanksgiving REALLY mean to me and what is it I have to be THANKFUL for. Then, go make a difference in the lives of those around you. THANK them for how they make a difference in your life. Consider doing it different this year. Consider being THANKFUL.
Have an amazing reflection see you @ the Bistro!