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May 19, 2016
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May 19, 2016

Bistro Artists

I was recently at a Serving Leaders breakfast where several artists had the opportunity to share about the great purpose of art in our communities. One of them said the purpose of art is to draw out the latent beauty within our neighborhoods and cities, yet remains unapparent to the passerby. When I heard this, I began to wonder if we at the Bistro might be resident artists here in Pittsburgh’s Northside. Of course, we are honored to be able to offer such a beautiful space to our community. And we take great care to create dishes that are pleasing not only to the stomach, but also to the eye. However, we desire more than anything to be known for drawing out the beauty in one another and in everyone who steps through our doors.

This is not an easy task. Our imperfections are often revealed in plain sight for all to see (especially when you work in an open kitchen!). These imperfections are then magnified under the lens of our differences. If we want to perceive the beauty that is latent within each of us, it requires that we practice what Martin Buber described as seeing beyond the color of our eyes. In other words, to be the kinds of artists who draw out the beauty in everyone, we must commit to practices that look beyond our external differences (the color of our eyes) to recognize and call forth the beauty that unites us.

And that is what we are committed to at the Bistro. We refuse to allow our differences to have the last word. We insist that imperfection not be an occasion for denying the beauty that is in everyone. Perhaps that makes us artists. Perhaps not. But whatever it makes us, we claim it as our purpose and mission – to be a place where people look beyond their differences to draw out the beauty in everyone!

This week at our Bistro family breakfast, everyone will have the opportunity to name something beautiful they see in the person sitting next to them. You can participate too! Stop in at the Bistro and share with us something beautiful you see in another person and we will treat you to a free dessert!*

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