Gratitude at the Bistro
May 19, 2016
Bistro Artists
May 19, 2016

Bistro Gardeners

We plant with an eye to the future. That’s what… life is about; living in the here and the not yet at the same time. We are expectant with hope even when all we have to show for it is dirty hands and some planted [seeds] – Shay Kearns

This past weekend, I planted my vegetable garden. I am no expert gardener, but I am drawn to the process of planting, cultivating, and harvesting. Having begun as a small seed, I am stunned by the colors, tastes, and smells that come with a vegetable plant that has reached its maturity. I know there is science that can explain this process to me. But for some reason, the science fails to transcend the wonder and gratitude I feel when a vegetable garden yields a harvest.

I have recently reflected on how gardening is similar to the work the Bistro is committed to in our community. While we seek to sow seeds of transformation, the truth is that a harvest is at best hoped for but never fully realized. We desire that E Ohio Street, along with the greater Northside of Pittsburgh, be known for the love people show one another and the beauty people recognize in those who are different. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of this becoming a reality. This is like witnessing a bud forming in mid-summer. It gives you hope that the harvest is near. However, we are often discouraged by the realities of brokenness and division among us. This is similar to finding a plant withered and lifeless, with little hope for revival.
But just as gardeners are left with the task of cultivating their garden and doing the best they can to create conditions for plant life to grow and flourish, we at the Bistro do our best to cultivate the love and beauty that already exists in our community and help create the kind of conditions that lead to transformation. Although this may seem like difficult work, we believe it is worthwhile for the sake of the harvest of love which is to come.

We are expectant with hope even when all we have to show for it is dirty hands and some planted seeds.

How do you sow seeds of transformation in your community? What kind of practices are you committed to that cultivate love and beauty among your neighbors?

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