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March 23, 2016
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March 23, 2016

Culinary Adventure Success!

I’m so excited to talk about Bistro To Go & Company’s newest event! Many know and love Bistro To Go and Bistro Soul for their great food, great times, and great people. Playing on that concept, Bistro is now offering a Complimentary Cooking Class preview, which is held the last Friday evening of every month.

My name is Colleen – and I have the pleasure of working at Bistro To Go, and most recently, hosted this inaugural Cooking Class event.

Three amazingly talented and diverse chefs offered up their talents for all to see, and of course, taste! Questions were answered by each Chef as they plated samples of their masterpieces.

Chef Bruce Klein wowed the group with a marinated Black Cod, blanketed in garlic and other aromatic spices. It was sautéed to perfect the texture and enhance the buttery flavor. The fish was complimented by a Caesar Salad with Homemade dressing – it was an explosion of delectable flavors!

Next, Chef Mary Lee introduced the crowd to Chinese cooking through two different cultures – Mandarin and Cantonese. Chef Mary demonstrated two fabulous dishes – Cashew Chicken and Broccoli Beef Stir fry. Presented with both humor and love, she proved that Chinese food can be healthy, as well as tasty. Promising that with a wok in-hand, a little oyster sauce, lots of small cut veggies, and a big smile, we too could duplicate Chef Mary’s cooking experience.

Last, but certainly not least, Chef Inge offered Pork Schnitzel with Red Cabbage and Spaetzle. Proud of her German heritage, she demonstrated the Art of Spaetzle making. These small German dumplings mixed with caramelized onion accompanied the perfectly browned Pork schnitzel. It was cooked to perfection and immensely flavorful. Chef Inge further challenged our taste buds with a delightful array of Crepes for dessert. She generously filled each crepe with a chocolate nut sauce.

The room was filled with smiles ear to ear. Never was I so happy to be a girl with no Friday night plans – hosting a cooking class that not only brought my taste buds alive, but my spirit also. Maybe I’ll see you the last Friday of next month as well. If you didn’t have plans, you certainly do now!