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March 23, 2016
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March 23, 2016

Time Management 101

Let’s face it – we’re all busy! Running a successful catering business along with two restaurant locations requires an immense amount of time – and just like everyone else, I can get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. I’m fortunate and grateful to have an amazing staff and people in my life to keep me balanced and moving forward. We put our heart and soul into our food and our business, but not without a little Time Management 101! Here are a few of my strategies to keep moving forward, on track, and staying sane! Sometimes it’s a little easier said than done, but they’re still in the toolbox!

Plan each day. Make lists, on paper, on a computer, in a planner… whatever works for you. Having a solid plan each day helps you prioritize, keep you on track, and minimize distractions (notice I didn’t say eliminate distractions!).

Delegate. Take that list and see what others can help you with, and if possible, pass those off to someone capable.

Break larger tasks into smaller ones. If the idea of a large task is completely overwhelming, break it into smaller tasks. Little milestones are still milestones, and that sense of accomplishment can motivate you to move forward.

Take a break! While this may seem impossible during a hectic day. Too much stress makes it difficult to focus and impairs memory. Take a walk, grab a big glass of water, move around a bit. Sometimes, that moment of inspiration hits when you mind is clear!

Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise (even walking 20 minutes a day) can improve your focus and concentration, which helps you efficiency. More work in less time!