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March 23, 2016
Tips for Eating Right
March 23, 2016

In 2012, The Tradition and The New

Happy New Year! As 2011 passes into a memory, I just can’t help but do some reevaluating. Some people make resolutions. I just reevaluate. This year is no exception. I get so excited for new beginnings. Don’t you? 2011 gone—fresh start on the horizon. This past year was different. 2011 changed the way we think. Our world became faster, our dollar smaller. Our hope is to eat healthier. It’s hard, because we love good food!
Our Culinary Principles Are Constant
Bistro To Go offers real food, prepared by real chefs and exists to serve busy people, like you. We are not ‘a fast food restaurant.’ Our ingredients are hand-picked, locally sourced where possible, and made from scratch with culinary care and technique. But we serve you quickly so you can eat fresh, delicious real food. We don’t own a fryer. Our chef’s sauté, grill, bake and broil to release the distinctive, authentic flavor of each dish. We minimize our use of fats, unless we are creating one of our special occasional treats. Some recipes are generational and from times long forgotten. Others are contemporary multi-cultural creations, vegan or fusion inspired. And we love to cook your favorites, so tell us what you like!

Coming January 27th: A Culinary Adventure!
Our cooking classes this year will take center stage. Join us for a Bistro complimentary open house, Friday January 27th @ 5:30-730 as we preview our very talented chefs and upcoming classes with delicious cooking demos and tastings! Sample from the Asian table with Mary Lee, from a German tradition with Chef Inge, from Chef Alfredo’s New Orleans cuisine. 2012 will find us traveling on a culinary journey.

Bistro is committed to VALUE for you in 2012
We commit to having budget friendly lunches and ‘after 5 double your side.’ And Bistro Catering says value! Our corporate lunch menu just got better: $10.00 per person for 10 great selections. Eating right just got more affordable! Thank for making us part of your year!