In 2012, The Tradition and The New
March 23, 2016

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome! Since opening our two flagship locations in 2009, Bistro To Go and Bistro Soul, we have been providing simple, delicious, affordable food to residents of the Northside and throughout Pittsburgh. While our restaurant locations are thriving, many are surprised to hear we have an equally thriving catering business, Bistro Catering. I probably receive close to 40 catering inquiries a day! Our menus change weekly and adjust with the seasons. Oh, and we also have a fabulous event space, offer demonstrations and classes, serve Sunday Brunch… do you see where I’m going with this? Let’s just say we have a LOT going on.

We needed a way to clearly organize all the amazing things going on at the Bistro. Need a menu? What are your hours? What types of catering do you offer? Didn’t I hear about a new New Orleans Buffet? What’s the difference between Bistro Soul and Bistro To Go? Now you can find all the information you need, both easily and beautifully! I hope you’re as thrilled with it as I am.