This Year, the Bistro Turns 10
May 3, 2017

Celebrating 10 years

The Best of plans…..Bistro turns 10 this Saturday October 7th. For weeks I met with marketing and our web designer. There was supposed to be a 10 year big celebration. One that echoed of the Grand opening on that beautiful fall day in 2007.

Busy days left little time for planning our own party. The Bistro staff apprehensively said don’t schedule anything Nikki, take no catering on THE DAY. But as time passed the first event a Birthday at the Benedum slipped onto the schedule. Then there was the little wedding, that now is a huge butler passed station wedding complete with food trucks…So much for planning our 10th Anniversary party.

But as I sit here on the eve of what has been 10 long, sometimes hard and exhilarating years I cant help but think that is the way it should be. We opened This little Bistro with my crazy plan to impact East Ohio Street. I had a plan that was more being part of the community than opening a business. I didn’t plan on being busy…I just wanted to be part of your lives, but that first day when you all lined out the doors I knew my plans had to be put aside…to make another pot of gumbo!

I am thankful you have made the Bistro on East Ohio Street part of your neighborhood. I am thankful every day when I enter this place that it sustains all of the employees and provides opportunities for young and old to work. I am thankful each year has brought new business expansion and growth. (something the books say doesn’t happen for 10 years) This place is different, because our Northside community is different. It glitters with opportunity. I am very honored to be part of the past and the future. I am very grateful to every person who put in time to create this dream…that became a reality.

I would like to thank my husband Stanley for the sacrifice and staying by my side. To name each person and organization who has been part of our journey would be to leave one behind unnamed. One crucial one would be missed on the list. So instead thank you to all of our everyday customers, once in a while patrons and the businesses who order our catering. I hope you hear my deep appreciation for the gift of my Bistro


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